Markets served

We focus solely on healthcare facilities, with nearly three decades of experience.

Our in-depth knowledge of the markets within healthcare facilities comes from completing over 100 projects. Understanding the specific financial challenges of the healthcare industry, we guarantee a price and completion date for our clients. Our facilities have a low cost of occupancy. Since we are investing private capital, clients know our best interest aligns with theirs.

We approach every client’s project as unique, because it is. These are very complex projects, and we haven’t forgotten the significance of what we’re building. We apply lessons learned from similar projects to establish and adjust best practices. This means we are always armed with the knowledge to meet our clients’ changing needs.

Ambulatory Care & Urgent Care

Specialized approach.

As the number of ambulatory care facilities has grown, our firm’s experience in this market has kept pace. We have completed projects ranging from single specialty centers including gastroenterology or plastics centers to facilities which serve multiple specialties. An ambulatory care center requires a specialized approach. Many HMOs are building or acquiring multiple sites. Because ambulatory care is reimbursed at a lower rate than hospital outpatient services, profit margins are tighter. This demands a highly-efficient site which can be expanded in phases, an approach we have perfected in previous projects.

Medical Office Buildings

Optimal experience and profitability.

Medical Office Buildings traditionally have been made up of suites which served private physician groups. They were designed to support routine exams, lab work and minor outpatient procedures. Now, more physicians are employed by hospitals. This means flexibility, collaboration and shared resources are more common concerns for medical office buildings.

As the medical office building becomes a hub for patient education, wellness and preventative care, and less-invasive outpatient procedures, hospitals are increasingly extending their branding to these facilities. We can help ensure your next medical office building is built to promote optimal patient experience and profitability.

Replacement Hospitals

You can trust us.

We assume the risk and handle your project from inception to completion, faster and more cost efficiently. By choosing HDP, you know someone has your best interest in mind for the entire project. We’ll keep your facility running during the construction phase, with a lower cost of occupancy. With nearly three decades of experience and over 100 completed projects, you can trust us.

Long Term Care

A home-like environment.

Long Term Care facilities, including both nursing homes, assisted living facilities and intermediate care facilities for the disabled. These facilities present design challenges because for most patients, the building will become their home. Most of the activities in long term care facilities are centered on resident wellbeing, rather than recovery. For that reason, it’s important to create a comforting, home-like environment. The facility design must take into account the challenges of the physical, sensory and mental limitations of the residents. It must be designed efficiently to shorten distances so even a minimal staff can supervise patients. Our experience provides a wealth of knowledge regarding best practices for their design, from layout to finishes.

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